What Kind of Coffee Does McDonald’s Use

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McDonald’s is a famous American fast-food company. It was established in 1940. They have been known to serve the best fast food. They offer a large variety of coffee options, ranging from Iced Caramel Macchiato to Iced Latte and everything in between. Have you ever wondered what coffee was used for your favorite cup?

What kind of coffee does McDonald’s use? Mcdonald’s uses Arabica coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans have lower caffeine content, milder taste, sweeter, less acidic, and delicate flavor. It appeals to many from the coffee-drinking community. It is an excellent choice for Mcdonald’s because it can be paired with many other foods.

There are other types of coffee bean seeds with different distinct tastes. Want to find out more about Mcdonald’s coffee culture, as well as the different coffee types? Read on to find out more exciting details.

What Kind of Coffee Does McDonald’s Use

Different kinds of coffee bean seeds are used for preparing your soothing cup of coffee. The standard type, however, is the Arabica coffee seeds. Other types of coffee bean seeds are Robusta, Liberia, and Excels.

Mcdonald’s provides their Arabica coffee bean seeds. But when they are not producing, they make use of coffee bean seeds from Gaviña Gourmet Coffee. Gaviña Gourmet has been a significant supplier of Mcdonald’s since 1983. Apart from Gaviña, Green Mountain Coffee, Newman’s Own, and Seattle’s Best supply Mcdonald’s with Arabica coffee bean seeds.

Each kind of coffee bean seed has its peculiarities. The Arabica coffee seeds, for example, have a delicate flavor and are sweet and less acidic. It is, however, prone to diseases, preventing large-scale farming. This particular reason makes Arabica coffee cost a little more than the others.

girl drinking McDonald’s coffee

The Robusta coffee bean seed is the second in demand among all four coffee species. It has a strong flavor profile with high levels of caffeine. It has a burnt and rubbery taste. It is less desirable to Arabica coffee, except in cultures where strong coffee is a norm.

The Liberia coffee bean requires specific climate conditions to grow, making it a rare treat. The aroma is described as fruits and flowers having a particular woody taste.

Excelsa is a branch-off in the family of the Liberia coffee bean. It is described as having a fruitier flavor compared to the Liberia beans. It shows attributes of both dark and light roast coffee types.

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What Kind of Coffee Does McDonald’s Use for Iced Coffee

The arm of McDonald’s concerned with coffee is tagged McCafe. It is a sub-brand of the McDonald’s franchise. McCafe uses 100% Arabica coffee bean seeds for its iced coffee. In addition to the Arabica coffee seeds, cream and your preferred flavor of coffee syrup can be added.

You can choose between a wide range of coffee syrup such as hazelnut, sugar-free French vanilla, caramel, and French vanilla, among others. Liquid sugar, ice, and light cream are also added to the premium-roast coffee to give you that soothing taste of McCafe.

Did McDonald’s Change their Coffee 2020

The year 2020 was tough on every business. Major economies came crumbling with the number of COVID cases rising every day and the lockdown during the pandemic. Many businesses scrambled to stay afloat, remain profitable, and keep their prices constant.

Reports say McDonald’s and other big players in coffee making such as Folgers and Maxwell House also faced similar problems.

Producers of coffee in bulk tend to use cheaper coffee bean seeds, all in a bid to provide coffee at the cheapest rates possible while making substantial profits. Many think that McDonald’s must have done the same, which resulted in a taste change.

Is McDonald’s Coffee Good

McDonald’s coffee arm — McCafe makes fantastic coffee. They put a lot of energy and resources into making their coffee. McCafe coffee may not be the best in the market, but it indeed measures up among its peers.

McDonald’s coffee

McCafe coffee is made of premium Arabica coffee beans, and it has a rich flavor. McCafe uses purified water that has been filtered through its reverse osmosis machines. Using highly filtered water can help add brightness to the drink and hide flaws in the flavor.

McCafe also brews its coffee fast. It makes for a perfect choice for those in a hurry, rather than traditional coffee restaurants. McDonald’s also offers their coffee at affordable prices. McCafe is your go-to drink if you are looking for a cheap and quick caffeine shot in the middle of the day.

Is McDonald’s Coffee Healthy

McDonald’s is a fast-food company. Fast food companies have a reputation for serving people unhealthy foods. How does McDonald’s compare with these statistics?

McDonald’s offers a jolt of caffeine for really excellent prices. However, some of the choices of coffee have high calories in them, as well as fat and lots of sugar, which may be unhealthy for specific individuals.

Some flavors are generally healthier, such as Black Coffee, Non-fat Latte, Cappuccino, and Iced Nonfat Caramel Mocha. It would be nice to try these flavors or stick with them if you are on a strict calorie diet or looking out for your waistline.

You might have also asked, ‘is Mcdonald’s coffee fair trade?’ Fair trade coffee has been certified to have fair trade standards that include transparency and respect for farmers while prohibiting forced labor and child labor.

McCafe coffee bean seeds are 100% Rainforest Alliance (RFA) Certified. It is ethically sourced to conserve wildlife, protect the forest, and support the community of farmers around the world.

McCafe is the first amongst its pairs to become 100% Rainforest Alliance (RFA) Certified. Ethically sourcing for coffee ensures that sustainable farming methods are used. It translates to the preservation of the coffee farming community. For you, taking ethical coffee means that you support the coffee brewing community, and you want to see the community thrive.

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In summary

what kind of coffee does McDonald’s use? They use 100% Arabica coffee beans to make their hot coffee cups. They make use of ethically sourced coffee beans. Each cup of McCafe contributes to the well-being of coffee farming communities around the world.

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