About Us

Here at Anelacecoffee, we are dedicated to giving you interesting coffee-related content to itch that curious mind of yours.

We write on a number of different topics in the coffee niche and you can read in confidence knowing that we have a strong and dedicated team of coffee enthusiasts and experts to give you accurate, well-written content to the coffee questions you want to know the answers to most.

We use our collective knowledge and expertise as well as others from around the internet to give you the answers you want without any fluff.

Our Mission

Here we have made it our personal goal to create the best resource on the web for all things coffee-related.

What started as a love for us all has turned into a passion. We want to scratch your proverbial coffee itch and answer all those questions you have. All those questions you are too either too embarrassed to ask or just want some reliable information, our mission is to provide it to you.

Our Team

Our team here at Anelacecoffee are friends first and colleagues second. After many years of friendship, we came together to form this coffee resource and we have been building it ever since. We have put all our collective knowledge and some blood sweat and tears into it.

Rob Jones

Senior Editor

Rob is a hardworking a creative writer who has had his work published on a number of sites across the web.

A keen traveler and self-confessed coffee addict he has combined the two in a union that has seen him travel the world tasting and testing coffee from all regions of the world.

He is an experienced editor who loves nothing more than finding a coffee shop and getting down to some work.

  • You can check out a couple of posts Rob wrote here:

Sarah Chick

Coffee Mixologist Enthusiast

Sarah is a long-term coffee and liquor mixologist.

For as long as she can remember she has had a passion for mixing and creating unique and beautifully tasting treats for everyone to enjoy.

Finding a balance where different flavors are fused together is Sarah’s domain and her kitchen has all the tools and syrups you’ll need!

Gavin Kyte

Professional Barista

For many MANY years, Gavin has been brewing, blending, and creating beautiful aromas that would put a smile on any coffee lovers’ face.

Professional barista, husband, and father; his hands are full most days.

Gavin loves to wind down with a cup of coffee and watch the world go by when he gets a precious 5 minutes alone.