How to stop coffee from making you poop

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Coffee is a delicious and habit-forming stimulant drink that many people use to get the day started. But, for some unfortunate souls, coffee can have rather unpleasant side effects in the form of diarrhea! The good news is there are ways to reduce your chances of getting the runs after drinking coffee. So, how to stop coffee from making you poop?

If you’re a constant sufferer of diarrhea that’s brought on by your morning cup-o-joe, then try cutting back on coffee gradually to let your body adjust and hopefully reduce your symptoms. You may also find that lighter grounds cause less stomach stimulation.

It might take a few days before things start looking better for you, but eventually, it should work! If this doesn’t help or if you find yourself combating caffeine withdrawal headaches and chronic bowel problems, do not worry because there are ways around having to give up all those delicious caffeinated drinks!

How to stop coffee from making you poop

Coffee can be a great source of energy, but it does have its drawbacks. For example, some people say that coffee makes them poop more than they would otherwise do.

There are a few actionable steps you can take to stop coffee making you poop

  • Try a different coffee bean
  • Drink more water
  • Avoid dairy products and artificial sweeteners
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take probiotics

You should also try and refrain from drinking coffee just an hour or two before work, as not only will it make you poop, but it may lead to other issues such as dehydration and headaches. Find yourself suffering from how much caffeine pooping affects people.

Exercising regularly will certainly help and you could try drinking coffee after a workout to see if it helps.

drinking coffee with alarm clock in morning

You can ensure that your body has enough time for rest between cups of coffee/tea, etcetera, so balance out the fluids to avoid any problems with constipation. Also, remember to curb your caffeine consumption if you’re drinking too much of it, make sure not to take in more than 400mg a day.

Is coffee a laxative?

Coffee can have a laxative effect on people, leading to an increased frequency of bowel movements. However, it is not entirely clear why this happens. Still, caffeine may play a part in causing gastrointestinal distress because it stimulates the intestines and relaxes the muscles that control motility (the rate at which your food moves through your digestive system).

Check out how long it takes to digest coffee for more information.

guy drinking coffee

Coffee can have a laxative effect on people, leading to an increased frequency of bowel movements. However, it is not entirely clear why this happens. Still, caffeine may play a part in causing gastrointestinal distress because it stimulates the intestines and relaxes the muscles that control motility (the rate at which your food moves through your digestive system).

Because they promote stomach emptying by increasing intestinal movement, drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages with meals can help to alleviate gastrointestinal upset. Caffeinated beverages, such as coffee or other caffeinated beverages, can help to reduce gastrointestinal upset because they promote stomach emptying by increasing intestinal activity.

Why does coffee upset my stomach?

There are a variety of reasons why coffee can make you feel sick. Others may be sensitive to the acidity of coffee or other ingredients such as dairy products, while others may be sensitive to caffeine’s stimulant effects.

The most accurate way to determine if coffee is causing stomach upset is to keep track of everything you eat and drink on a daily basis so that you can pinpoint exactly why certain foods make you feel sick.

You can make some simple lifestyle changes to prevent this from happening again if it turns out that drinking too much coffee has resulted in increased bathroom visits.

Taking an anti-diarrheal medication, which will assist you in reducing the number of trips to the bathroom you make each day, is another option that you can discuss with your doctor.

Does decaf coffee make you poop?

Sadly, decaf coffee does not have the magical powers that will prevent you from having to leave work or school because of your pooping schedule. It might be nice if it did, though! Unfortunately, many people are sensitive enough to caffeine that even small amounts can cause them problems.

However, it may be possible to use decaf coffee in moderation and avoid using the bathroom. In addition, you can try drinking caffeine slowly throughout the day in tiny amounts to see if it makes a difference in your pooping schedule.

Nevertheless, even avoiding all coffee might not be enough for some people–you have to listen to your body and do what works best for you! So just make sure to drink lots of water, and maybe you’ll be able to manage your pooping schedule without coffee.

Should I stop drinking coffee if it gives me diarrhea?

If you have a history of bowel problems, then the answer is likely yes. However, if it’s just causing mild discomfort and no real warning signs, then continue to enjoy your coffee because there may not be anything wrong with drinking it! Coffee is one of the most common food triggers for loose stools.

Many people are unaware that they have a specific intolerance to coffee, especially if it’s not causing any severe symptoms like pain or bleeding. To determine whether your diarrhea after drinking coffee means you should eliminate it from your diet, follow these tips:

Consider trying an elimination diet by removing all sources of caffeine (coffee, black tea, and soda) while still eating other dairy products containing gluten-containing foods.

If this doesn’t help significantly decrease bowel movements or uncomfortable bloating, there may be no need to avoid coffee altogether. However, continue reading to find out how eliminating certain items can make a difference in stopping this food trigger!

What kind of coffee makes you poop

let’s look at some of the common types of coffee that cause some people to run for the toilet.

cups of coffee

Black Coffee Makes you poop

Black coffee has no additives and is the most common type of coffee that people drink, which means your body should commonly respond to black coffee (of course, if there are other things about how you live affecting this).

If drinking black coffee on a regular basis causes you to poop, try experimenting with different types of milk, sweeteners, and coffee beans.

For example, some people may find dairy + caffeine upsets their stomach more than non-dairy options, so they have success cutting out both at once by switching from whatever was making them go to something else. Make sure also to check for any hidden milk ingredients too – sometimes creamer is the culprit!

Cappuccino/Latte make you poop

Coffees that have a lot of milk in them can also be problematic for some people. The same thing applies to these coffees as with black coffee – try switching up your dairy options and see what happens.

Some people might be scratching their head on this one as a surprisingly common question asked is; is there coffee in a latte – check more on that!

If you notice that you are going more frequently after drinking a latte, try switching from whole milk to skim or coconut milk, for example…

Keep an eye on any hidden dairy ingredients, like creamers, half & half (half water + half cream), etc… An excellent alternative to both black coffee and cappuccinos is turmeric lattes.

Many people wonder what the difference between a cappuccino and a latte, they are suitable but there are differences, want to know more then click the link.


There are many people who want to know how to stop coffee from making you poop, and i can fully understand why! Coffee is loved, but no one wants to run to the bathroom after drinking a cup!

While everyone may have a different threshold, the main idea is that coffee does tend to make you poop. However, there are certain things you can do, such as taking in more water than usual and drinking less at once so that your body has time to process it all before making an appearance in the bowl.

Never fear, though; there are plenty of ways to prevent this from happening. If you’re drinking coffee for the caffeine boost that it provides (which most people like about coffee), try taking in less overall or look into other options such as green tea and energy drinks.

When it comes to their morning cup of joe, some people swear by milk products; if adding a splash of cream doesn’t bother your stomach too much, it might be worth experimenting with!

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