Can You Use Evaporated Milk in Coffee

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  • Date: November 6, 2022
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There’s no denying that almost everyone loves coffee. And when talking about coffee, everyone has their favorite flavor as well as their add-ins. Some may prefer the regular black coffee, while others prefer adding ready-made creamer. There are a lot of dairies you can add to it, so no one would ever run out of ideas. As long as coffee becomes your routine to start up your morning, nothing will go wrong. Considering this, you might wonder: can you use evaporated milk in coffee?

The answer is definitely yes! You can use evaporated milk as a replacement for your regular coffee creamer. Since it has a thicker consistency than most store-bought creamer or milk, you have to be mindful of the amount you add to your coffee to achieve the taste you want it to be.

In this article, we will provide in-depth discussions on how you can add evaporated milk to your coffee to achieve the taste you’re looking for in its best results.

Can You Put Evaporated Milk in Coffee

Many people ask, can you use evaporated milk in coffee, and Yes you can!. But unlike coffee creamers or milk, you shouldn’t put in the same amount that you normally do.

Evaporated milk is not sweetened, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your coffee being too sweet if you’re not a fan of it.

You can find a lot of evaporated milk coffee creamer recipes if you worry that you can’t make the perfect mix.

While it is true that coffee is indeed good, not everyone likes it, just plain and black. Due to this fact, there are wide ranges of add-ons to make it more appealing—sugar, milk, creamers, and of course, evaporated milk.

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Is Evaporated Milk Good in Coffee

In most recipes, evaporated milk is added if you want the food or drink to have a creamier texture without getting it too sweet. Undoubtedly, you can also add it to your coffee to achieve a velvety texture as well as to lighten the bitter after-taste. Surely, there are many evaporated milk coffee creamer recipes out there, so you might want to try these out.

Evaporated Milk In Coffee

Aside from the texture and softening of bitter taste, evaporated milk also introduces a milky taste to your coffee. Since it was just concentrated milk that has been through a lot of heat processing, you may find that it was less watery, which will bring about a slight caramel flavor you might enjoy.

Since evaporated milk has a thicker texture than other regular coffee additives, these are the common benefits when it is used in coffee:

  1. Your coffee will be very creamy – compared to using other coffee add-ons.
  2. It can be used as a replacement for sugar for those who love ready-made sugar and coffee creamer.

Another thing people ask about is about putting heavy whipping cream in coffee, If you are looking to experiment then check that article out too.

How to Use Evaporated Milk in Coffee

There is nothing difficult in making use of evaporated milk in coffee. However, due to its thicker texture and the fact that it doesn’t add much sweetness to your regular coffee, there are some things you need to learn before you decide to use evaporated milk to achieve a creamier morning drink.

The following is a simple instruction on how you can make a delicious and velvety coffee using evaporated milk:

  1. First things first, make your usual favorite coffee blend. It can be the cold-brew you already made previously or a freshly-brewed coffee. While some people think that evaporated milk doesn’t go well when mixed with hot coffee, it is certainly not true. When it comes to cold brew, you can turn its taste 180 degrees and brighten its flavor when you add evaporated milk.
  2. Mix the evaporated milk. There are a lot of evaporated milk varieties to choose from—low-fat, whole milk, skim – and you can choose whatever you like. As it is thicker, do not mix it into coffee as the same amount of regular milk or creamer you use. For one cup of coffee, three tablespoons of evaporated milk will make a good start.
  3. Mix well. Mix the evaporated milk until your coffee is creamier than when you first made it. This is to make sure that the taste of evaporated milk compliments the coffee throughout your cup.
  4. Have a taste. If you find it still too bland for your taste, you can add evaporated milk if needed. This is your first try, so you still have to estimate the amount of evaporated milk until you find the right amount that achieves the perfect flavor and consistency you are looking for.
  5. Add sugar or other sweeteners (optional). You could add a small number of sweeteners if you want to. You can also add ice to your cold brew to make it more enjoyable to drink.

How to Make Coffee Creamer with Evaporated Milk

Making your homemade coffee creamer with evaporated milk is so easy that you wouldn’t even believe it. What you think was a complicated recipe of measuring quantity, and all is just a little basic ingredient for your coffee delight.

The following are the steps how to make your coffee creamer with evaporated milk:

  1. Prepare your evaporated milk. Mind the quantity you put on each serving you’re going to make.
  2. Mix evaporated milk with pure maple syrup, vanilla extract, and whole milk.
  3. Refrigerate
  4. Enjoy your coffee!

If you are curious about experimenting with different flavored syrups then I wrote an easy-to-follow how to use flavored syrup in coffee, a guide for you to follow.

Evaporated Milk vs. Half and Half in Coffee

Evaporated milk and half and half in coffee are two different things. Evaporated milk is regular milk that has undergone heating processes removing 50-60% of water content, creating a creamy and thick dairy. On the other hand, half and half are an equal combination of milk and cream.

While evaporated milk has a thicker texture than regular milk and coffee creamer, half and half have an even thicker consistency than the latter. Aside from that, evaporated milk has higher protein content than half and half and less fat. This makes the former the perfect choice for those who want to gain muscles and weight and the latter for people who want the opposite.


You guys want to know, can you use evaporated milk in coffee, and I’m happy to tell you that you can! Evaporated milk is a great product to keep that can be used in many recipes, including your morning coffee.

Due to its thicker consistency and richer taste than most coffee creamer, milk gives off a unique flavor and feel in your coffee. Since it is not as sweet as condensed milk, it can be used as a dairy-based without the sweetness of most coffee drinks.

Suppose you are out of your regular milk or coffee creamer, and you happen to have a can of evaporated milk in your pantry. In that case, you can save a trip to the store by trying it with your coffee instead.

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