How to use flavored syrup in coffee

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There are nearly countless ways in which people enjoy their coffee. Some prefer their coffee black and strong so that the natural flavors come through, while others prefer to spice up the flavors with some flavored syrup. The syrup should be used sparingly, so how to use flavored syrup in coffee?

Add between 1 – 3 teaspoons or pump squirts of flavored syrup to coffee after the coffee has been brewed to give sweetness and flavor. Brands differ in sweetness so preference is key. Coffee syrups can be added to ice cream, soda, desserts, alcoholic beverages, and iced coffee too.

With so many different options of flavored syrups, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. We all just wish we could get our homemade drinks as delicious as the drinks from the coffee shops. So with these tips, you are on your way there.

How to use flavored syrup in coffee

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Flavored syrups have a very strong taste. They are a concentrate that can be added to any drink or food in very small amounts. Most times the syrups have a very sweet taste with an added flavor of caramel, or chocolate, or anything else. The syrup then gets added to the coffee to change the flavors.

If you have had your syrups just sitting there for a while, you will want to make sure the coffee syrup hasn’t expired and gone bad.

Let’s take a closer look at how to use syrup in coffee: there are other ways to use syrups but this is how i make mine. This can be used for either hot coffee

FIRST: To use a flavored syrup in coffee the coffee needs to be brewed like normal.

SECOND: After the black coffee has been brewed some people prefer to add milk, it can be either cold or hot milk or even milk that has been foamed up like for a cappuccino.

THIRD: After this, the flavored syrup can be added directly into the cup of coffee and stirred to combine. If you are unsure how you like it, I would suggest using just 1 squirt or one teaspoon as a benchmark then adjust accordingly.

Different syrup brands have different sweetness and flavor strengths.

It is important to stir, otherwise, all the syrup will settle on the bottom and this will give you too weak tastes in the beginning and too strong tases at the end.

You might also be interested in Can you put heavy whipping cream in coffee – experimenting with coffee is always fun!

How much coffee syrup to use

How much coffee syrup to use in a cup of coffee is very dependent on a few factors. Mostly it would depend on the syrup brand and how concentrated the coffee syrup is.

How strong the drinker prefers the flavor would be another factor. Some people have such a sweet tooth and love strong flavors so they add a lot of syrup, while others prefer very little to only get a slight background taste.

With most coffee syrups you can just drizzle a few drops into the coffee, or you could go as much as a teaspoon. Of course, some people cannot get enough and they might use as much as a tablespoon of coffee syrup.

The best thing to do is to experiment. The first thing to do is to get a good quality coffee syrup from a brand you can trust, like Torani coffee syrup, Jordan’s Skinny syrup or Monin coffee syrup. Then you can learn from trial and error to see what the perfect amount of coffee syrup is according to your taste buds.

If you use a Syrup pump (Amazon link)
If you don’t want it too sweet, then try half a pump squeeze. If you have a sweet tooth then perhaps go for a full squeeze of the pump. Most people will go between 1 – 3 full pump squeezes (Depending on brand sweetness)

If you use a teaspoon
If you don’t want it too sweet then I would start with a teaspoon of syrup and see what that’s like – you can always add more. If you don’t mind the sweetness then perhaps try 2 teaspoons of syrup to start with

For my syrup, I usually add 2-3 squirts depending on the size of my coffee.

Most popular coffee syrups

A difficult task is always figuring out which coffee syrup to buy. Some of the brands at the shop are just not worth it and once you purchase it you are left with a huge bottle of not-so-nice syrup. A much better approach is to look for a popular coffee syrup-like Jordan’s Skinny syrup or Monin coffee syrup so that you know you can trust what you buy and that you will always get the same quality.

Torani coffee syrup (Amazon link)

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Jordan’s Skinny syrup (Amazon link)

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Torani coffee syrup (Amazon link) is a wide range of different coffee syrups. They have a selection of sugar-free syrups and they promise to help you embrace your inner flavourista. Torani also provides multiple recipes that can be followed to get the right flavors every time. Some of their best sellers include peace, salted caramel, black cherry, french vanilla, and blueberry.

Monin coffee syrup (Amazon link) is the other most popular option. They also have top-quality coffee syrups that will have you in love from the first try. They offer more than 100 premium syrups that will make any drink amazing.

Jordan’s Skinny syrup (Amazon link) has a huge range of sweet sugar-free coffee syrups, in my opinion, they are the best sugar-free coffee syrup around. They are sugar-free with zero fat or calories. although they do have an artificial sweetener.

Can I put syrup in my iced coffee

What’s good for hot coffee is good for iced coffee, too!

You can personalize the flavor of iced coffee in much the same way you can hot coffee. Adding any of the flavored syrups (Above) to your coffee will sweeten it and add delicious flavor.

If you want your iced coffee to be free of syrups with sugar, fat, and calories then a skinny syrup such as Jordan’s Skinny syrup (Amazon link) is the one you want.

Alternatively, the other range of flavored syrups mentioned above are all sweet and great tasting, check them out to see which flavors suit your taste buds.

How to make iced coffee with flavored syrup

FIRST: Brew some hot coffee, and pour it into a cup.

SECOND: Place a cup of hot coffee in the fridge and leave to cool for a few hours, 6 hours should be plenty.

THIRD: Take the cold coffee out of the fridge and add your preferred flavor of syrup – Start by adding a tablespoon of syrup and make a judgment call based on flavor and sweetness – You can always add more after.

FORTH: Add your milk or creamer if this is how you take your iced coffee.

FIFTH: Give your iced coffee a stir and add ice cubes if you wish to. ENJOY!

Can you put chocolate syrup in coffee

Putting chocolate syrup in coffee (Amazon link) is a very popular choice and it can definitely be done! Coffee and chocolate go together very well so go right ahead. Many people pare their coffee with chocolate on the side, but why not put chocolate flavor inside?

It’s as easy as with any flavored syrup, you simply make your coffee and add the chocolate syrup to enjoy the chocolate flavors in your coffee.

How long do coffee syrups last

Coffee syrups last anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year depending on the ingredients and also on the conditions in which it was stored. Some syrup brands add a lot of preservatives so the syrup can be used for a long time. Others prefer to use fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients. The more natural the ingredients are the shorter the shelf life of the flavored syrup.

To store syrups you should keep them in the fridge. Everything lasts longer in the fridge and flavored syrups are no different. Make sure to keep syrups out of direct sunlight and don’t leave the bottles standing open for too long or they could lose some flavor and they won’t stay as fresh.

Do you have to refrigerate coffee syrup

It is not 100% necessary to store your coffee syrup in the fridge but it might be wise to do so. Many people store it in the pantry or cabinet along with other dried goods. As long as you keep the bottle tightly sealed it should not be a major problem.

As mentioned above, everything lasts a bit longer in the fridge so we would recommend refrigerating the coffee syrup after it has been opened. Most brands will also recommend refrigeration after opening the bottle.

If you are interested in running a coffee shop then you will probably be using the flavored syrup so quickly that refrigeration will not be necessary, you can just keep it close and let the yummy flavourful drinks flow.

We know that some people might even have too many flavors to keep them all in the fridge.

A related article I wrote is can you refrigerate coffee – Worth checking out to find out more!

Wrap Up

There are a few answers to, how to use syrup in coffee, the way I do it is by making my hot coffee then adding flavored syrup after, how much to add is a very personalized choice. If you are unsure then I would start by adding only a small amount, perhaps half a squeeze on the syrup pump or half a teaspoon and use that as a benchmark for your next cup.

Flavored syrups are talked about for hot coffee and iced coffee here, but you can also use flavored syrups to sweeten many things, such as, yogurt, oatmeal, soda water, ice cream and many other things. Its a very versatile and handy thing to have in your kitchen.

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