Coffee Facts

Here you’ll be treated to a coffee blend of facts and fun. Perfect with your morning coffee!

does coffee or redbull work better

Does Coffee or Red Bull Work Better

It’s a question that has plagued mankind for centuries – which is better, coffee or Red Bull? Well, after extensive research (and by that we mean browsing the internet for…

does coffee taste like chocolate

Does Coffee Taste Like Chocolate

Some people say that coffee tastes like chocolate and others say that it doesn’t. So, does coffee taste like chocolate? While there are some similarities between the two flavors, they…

Does Coffee Evaporate

Does coffee evaporate Or Just The Water

We all know that coffee is a delicious morning drink, but does coffee evaporate? Yes, the liquid gradually transforms into a gas and leaves your cup. The good news is…

does coffee produce mucus

Does coffee produce mucus Or Not

Does coffee produce mucus? I know, it’s a tough question. Coffee may help increase mucus production but there’s no concrete evidence to prove it. If at all, it may be…

does coffee oxidize

Does coffee oxidize

Oxidation is a process that occurs when oxygen interacts with other molecules. This can happen in several ways, but most commonly, oxygen will steal electrons from another molecule, causing that…

Does coffee naturally have caffeine

Does coffee naturally have caffeine

Many people love coffee for its rich flavor and energizing effect. But what exactly is it about coffee that gives us that burst of energy, and does coffee naturally have…

does coffee give you gas

Does coffee give you gas

There’s no need to worry if you find yourself passing a little extra gas after enjoying a cup of coffee. It’s actually quite common. Many people are wondering if coffee…

Does Coffee Make Your Pee Smell

Does Coffee Make Your Pee Smell

Do you ever smell your pee and think, “Hmm, something’s not quite right here”? Does Coffee Make Your Pee Smell? It might be because you’ve been drinking coffee. Believe it…

Does coffee stain your teeth

Does coffee stain your teeth

You might be wondering if coffee stains your teeth. Maybe you’ve just started drinking coffee and you’re worried about the effect it will have on your teeth. Or maybe you’re…

does coffee yogurt have caffeine

Does coffee yogurt have caffeine

You may have noticed that coffee yogurt has become a popular flavor in recent years. While the coffee-flavored yogurt may sound like an odd combination, many people enjoy the taste….